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   On the afternoon of 12 March, an Italian student is annoyed about a matter. “Why cannot I study Chinese language course, traditional Chinese medicine training and my degree course at one school” she said .I just want to study at one place and do not want to move.

At that time I am really sorry about it. Because we cannot suggest an university that can provide all those courses. Now here is the good news for you. Jiangsu University has all that courses. As for the non-degree course we have short-term about 2 weeks’ 2014 summer school course taught in English, we have non-degree course of short-term from one month to half a year Chinese language course taught in Chinese, we have non-degree course of long-term about 1 year taught in Chinese. What is amusing is that we can also provide 1 on 1 Chinese language course.

Most international friends want to make their trip more meaningful, so they will also learn traditional Chinese medicine. Like acupuncture or manipulation. And Jiangsu University can help you make your trip meaningful.

If you fall in love with China, we can still go on your degree learning. Engineering, Science, Medicine, Literature, Economics, Law, Management, Education and History. In addition, the university has 3 national key academic disciplines. Four principles, Engineering, Materials Science, Clinical and Chemistry, ranks among the top 1% of the ESI Inte’l Discipline Ranking.

More details about program http://jsu.ciss.org.cn/Courses



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