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Policies & Rules

1.General Regulations

(1) Obey laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, as well as the regulations of Jiangsu University .

(2) Respect the faculty and respect traditions, custom and morality of all the nations.

(3) Treat your school fellows in friendly and kind way.

2. Leaving JU temporarily

(1) If you plan to leave Zhenjiang in holidays, you shall inform OEC and register in Room 109 of OEB, including your destination, the time of departure and arrival and the way to contact.

(2) If you ask for leave during school days, you shall hand in the written note asking for permission from the related teachers and OEC, and register in Room 109 of OEB, describing the reasons for leaving, the time of departure and arrival, the destination and the way to contact.

(3) If you don’t spend the night in your dormitory, you shall inform your roommate and monitor, and register in Room 109 of OEB , describing your exact place and the return time.

3. Apply for Extracurricular Activities

(1)You shall participate in the activities benefiting your health or study. You are prohibited to be involved in gambling, drug using and any illegal activities.

(2)  You can participate in sports meeting, concert and other activities held by Jiangsu University. With the invitation from OEC, you can represent OEC to participate in the activities held by other organizations.

(3) If you plan to establish any form of organization, you should hand in a written application to OEC. Only with its permission, can the organization be established and hold activities under the guidance of the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and the regulations of Jiangsu University.

4. Register

You should register in Overseas Student Affair Office of OEC in the first week of each new semester.

According to university procedures, overseas students should register at OEC at the beginning of every academic year. Students must come to the Overseas Students Office in person with university ID. Without records of tuition paid in full, students may not register.

If for some reason a student can not register on schedule, he or she must ask for leave of absence. Those who do not apply, do not receive approval, or do not register on time are considered to be skipping class (an unexcused absence). Those who have not registered more than two weeks after the appointed time will be expelled according to our strict policy.

5. Attendance

Attendance is generally checked for all lectures, examinations and other  academic activities. Students should always be in attendance and if a student need to miss class, he or she should request an excused absence in advance. Missing class and without a previously granted excused absence will be considered skipping class (unexcused absence).

6. Obtaining Excused Absence Approval

(1) Download and fill out the “Excused Absence Form” from http://oec.ujs.edu.cn

(2) The Excused Absence Form must be signed and stamped by your teacher , your supervisor and OEC’s dean and should be filed at OEC’ Overseas Student Affair office.

Note: Types of Excused Absences

Illness: Students must submit a doctor’s notice.   Absence under two days must    receive approval from the Overseas Students Affair office, while absence more than two days must be approved by the Dean of OEC in advance. Those who do not receive approval are considered unexcused.

Personal: Overseas students who are absent for less than two days need to receive approval from the Overseas Students Affair Office. For an absence of more than two days, must get approval from the Dean of OEC in advance.

7. Graduating

Graduating students should bring their student ID to Overseas Students affairs Office a week before leaving campus to obtain the Leaving the University Form and finish as follows:

(1) Take the "Leaving the University Form” to the university library, return all the books you borrowed, and get the stamp on the form.

(2) Take the form to your School or Department office to get the stamp, if it is necessary;

(3) Go to OEB office for checking the accommodation fee;

(4) Settle all financial affairs with the financial department of Jiangsu University and get the stamp;

(5) Go to Overseas Students Affair Office to logout student ID.

(6) Go to OEB office for checking out.

(7) Receive your transcript and certificates from OEC teaching affair office.

All Overseas students must leave the university within 10 days following graduation.



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