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Fee Structures

1. Main Fees

All students are expected to pay off fees on arrival, or will be unable to obtain resident permit. Application fee (400 Yuan) and seat fee (2,000 Yuan, which will be treated as part of tuition when you register) are not refundable. Fees can be reviewed by JU according to the actual world economic situation every year.

(1)Application: 400 Yuan

(2)Registration: 100 Yuan

(3)Tuition for 1 Year

Medicine & Arts

Science &  Engineering

Social Science

Bachelor Degree

26,000 Yuan

20,000 Yuan

16,000 Yuan

Master Degree

30,000 Yuan

24,000 Yuan

20,000 Yuan

Doctoral Degree

34,000 Yuan

28,000 Yuan

24,000 Yuan


60,000 Yuan/ two years

language learners

15,000 Yuan (7,800 Yuan/semester)


Type 1: 4,900/4,500/4,300 Yuan/bed/year for a double room, and the fee should be paid at once.

Type 2: Standard price for Accommodation

within 1  month

within 3  months

beyond 3  months

50 Yuan/bed/day

30 Yuan/bed/day

20 Yuan/bed/day

(5)Deposit for accommodation:500 Yuan (Upon graduation, the deposit will be refunded if public appliances are not damaged).

(6)Bedding Items (pillow, bed sheet, blanket, mattress etc): 400 Yuan

(7)Medical Insurance Fee (tobe paid to the life insurance company): 600 Yuan/ year

2.Other Fees

(1)Physical Examination: 400Yuan(tobe paid to Zhenjiang Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau by candidate)

(2)Resident Permit: 400 Yuan(to be paid to Public Security Bureauby candidate)

(3)Books:Flexible, about 600 Yuan/year

(4)Living expenses: Approximately 1,000 Yuan/month



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