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Visa and Residence Permit

(1) X visa. Students with an X Visa who plan to stay in China for more than half a year must obtain the Residence Permit within 30 days of entry in China. The detailed information can be found from International Office Website http://foreign.ujs.edu.cn/ch/ (in construction). Those who exceed this time limit are considered illegal residents. A physical examination is required when applying for the Residence Permit.

(2) F visa. Students with an F visa are not required to hold a residence permit. “Intended days of stay” in the visa decides their days of stay in China.

(3) L visa. Students who come to China with an L visa must obtain an X student visa before applying for their residence permit, or else they can only stay in China only within the valid period defined in their L visa.

(4) According to China’s laws, international students, when going out of campus, must carry  passports and other credentials to prove their legal status in China.



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