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Shopping around the campus

Zhenjiang is a comfortable and wonderful city. Listed below are places where you can enjoy having your shopping.

DaShiKou (大市口)

It is the old centre of the city. There are a lot of shopping centres like ShangYeCheng (商业城) , Yaohan(八佰伴), DaRunFa(大润发)  and all kinds of amazing stores. Besides, it is also a gathering area of various forms of snacks and slap-bang shops. Students can board buses D1, 19, 3, 29, etc. to get to the seplaces.

Wanda Shopping Centre   (万达购物广场)

This is the new centre of the city. It is just next to the south square. Of the railway station in Zhenjiang. To some extent, Wanda and Dashikou are quite similar to each other, however in terms of design Wanda is modernized. The shopping centre has many KTVs, slap-bang shops and other auxiliary stores. Students who want to spend the whole day shopping or playing can go to both Wanda and Dashikou to satisfy their burning desire.One can take buses D1, 19 to those places.

Auchan  Shopping Centre   (欧尚购物广场)

This centre is very close to the university for shopping. There are many auxiliary stores and different restaurants.Students can take bus D1 and 19 from the middle gate or the new gate to get there.

Hongdou ShoppingCentre   (红豆购物广场)

This is also another centre near the university for shopping and playing. In fact, it is an amazing building with all kinds of packages including KTVs, Internet cafes, a movie theatre,supporting stores and various restaurants. Students can take bus 14 from the west gate to the place.

Walmart ShoppingCentre   ( 沃尔玛购物广场)

It is also close to the school for shopping. They have additional stores and different restaurants to support the centre. Students can take bus 3 and K3 from the middle gate or new gate to get there.



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