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Sports facilities on campus

The outdoor sport facilities of Jiangsu University consist of Dongshan Playground,  Xishan Playground, Jingjiang Playground, Jingjiang Tennis Court, Sand Beach Volleyball Ground and Roller Skating Field. The indoor sport facilities are the Main Campus Gym , Beigu Gym and Zhongshan Gym .

The Main Campus Gym , a symbolic building of Jiangsu University, has an area of 13,800 m2, was put into use in 2003. Physical education and masses physical exercise are conducted on the ground floor, and on this floor are table tennis hall, multifunctional hall, bowling alley, swimming pool, bodybuilding room, and martial arts room. Reserved for large-scale activities, the first floor has the main competition arena, training hall, and accessory rooms. With a floor area of 34 X 48m and 2938 seats, the main competition arena was designated as a training venue of the National Youth Volleyball Team by General Administration of Sport of China. Some important sport events have been held in the Gym.  

The playing grounds and gyms are in the charge of Physical Education Department of Jiangsu University. The sport facilities are open to not only the Jiangsu University students and faculty members but also the public.  
Open Hours and Charges

I. Open Hours
Main Campus Gym
Bowling Alley, Swimming Pool
Mon.— Fri.: 16:00-21:00;
Weekends & Holidays:14:00---21:00
Table Tennis Hall, Badminton Hall and Bodybuilding Room
Mon.— Fri.:17:00-21:00
Weekends & Holidays:14:00-21:00
Beigu Gym
Table Tennis, Badminton:13:00----21:000
Zhongshan Gym
Table Tennis, Badminton: 14:00----21:000

II. Charges



Table Tennis

5 yuan/hour/table


15 yuan/hour/court

Booking Whole Badminton Hall

Multifunctional hall:160 yuan/hour

Training hall:100 yuan/hour

Main hall:300 yuan/hour


Summer:10 yuan/hour;Other seasons:15 yuan/hour

Labor union member card for swimming

Swipe card 3 times in summer; swipe card 8 times in other seasons

Bodybuilding Room

60 yuan/month; 5 yuan/1 time


5 yuan/ round

Football Field

Large field :400 yuan/ match
Small field: 200 yuan/ match

III. Introduction of University Sports Teams
There are two kinds of training: all-year-round training and short-term intensive training. The men’s volleyball team, men’s and women’s football teams, women’s sand beach volleyball team are trained all the year round. Intensive training is conducted half a year before the competitions.

1. Jiangsu University’s Volleyball Team is one of the high-quality volleyball teams approved by the Ministry of Education of PRC.  The sport of volleyball in Jiangsu University has a relatively long history. The Men’s Volleyball Team won the championship of China National College Students Volleyball Tournament 2005 and 2006-2007 First China National College Students Volleyball Super League, and China National College Students Volleyball Premiership 2010, and performed well in many national and provincial sports games. The Women’s Sand Beach Volleyball Team won the championship of China National College Students Sand Beach Volleyball Game (Professional Group) 2009, and Pan-Indian Ocean Asian Students Sports Games. Currently , there are 4 master athletes and 18 first-level athletes from all over the country. 6 athletes have joined in the intensive training of the national teams or participated in some major international competitions on behalf of China.

2. Jiangsu University’s Women’s Football Team was founded in 2002. Jiangsu University is one of the universities approved to recruit high-quality athletes by the Ministry of Education of PRC. Currently, there are 9 international or national master athletes and 25 first-level athletes, of whom 10 were selected for the National Football Team or the National Youth Football Team. In 2006, the team won the championship of China National Women’s Football Tournament, in 2008  on behalf of Chinese college students participated in the International College Students FUTSAL Tournament in Brazil and won the third place, and in 2010 the Men’s Football Team won the Championship of football competition (for universities and colleges) in the 10th Jiangsu Provincial Sports Games.



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