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Internship programs for international students

1. Interns for MBBS students

After completing basic science courses and professional knowledge courses, passingHSK 4 (180) and Internship Chinese Exam, interns will learn how to diagnose common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases as well as the clinical principles through practical activities. Under the guidance of senior level doctors, interns will master clinical techniques and develop their clinical thoughts and abilities to work on their own in the course of saving patientslives and treating diseases. At the same time interns should also learn theform of organization and every working regulation, method, system and medical status of the hospital. Interns should increase the service consciousness of service and take priority over patients. They will know how to deal with the relationship between patients and doctors, improve their professional skillsand try to become ethical doctors.

The Internship in Clinical Medicine is 48 weeks, in which there are 12 weeks for Internal Medicine, 12 weeks for Surgery, 6 weeks for Gynecology & Obstetrics, 6 weeks for Pediatrics, 4 weeks for Neurology, 2 weeks for Radiology, 2 weeks for Ophthalmology, 2 weeks for Otorhinolaryngology, and 2 weeks for Dermatology. The internship is arranged at the affiliated hospitals of Jiangsu University according to the internship schedule.

Tuition fee: RMB¥26,000/year

2. Interns at Jiangsu University

Students who want to have interns for some time at Jiangsu University or the related enterprises can contact the professor in relevant School and apply online through Overseas Education College.

Tuition fee: RMB¥3000(Science)-RMB¥4000(Engineering)/monthand college scholarship is available by application (OEC website).

3. Interns during Summer Holiday (Summer school)

The schedules include

-- Step on the “Chinese Bridge”(experiencing learning basic Chinese);

-- Cultural Trips (experiencing different aspects of Zhenjiang life);

-- Engineering Programs (visiting JU labs; talking to the staff and the students).

Fees for the program

Training fee: RMB¥1600 fortwo weeks and RMB¥700 for the extra week.

Note: OJS program students and students of the sister universities of JU can apply for the special offer according to the agreement.

Application Deadline

Applicants should submit the application no later than April 20. Summer school at JU will start from June 9.  


RMB¥50/bed/day(less than 1month), RMB¥30/bed/day(1-3 months)

Living expenses:

About RMB¥50/day.



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