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2015 Edition of the Life Bulder Conference


The Pearl .S. Buck edition of the 3rd life builder conference was indeed one that will forever be enshrined in the annals of the history books of Jiangsu University as one of the most successful events to ever take place. The conference that seeks to sensitize students on the need for personal development while pursuing academic excellence this year, touched on the theme “making the rest of your life the best of your life”. The power packed three day program under the chairmanship of Prof YongChang Chen  kick started with a thought provoking speech by the president of Jiangsu University, Professor Yuan Shouqi who was the guest of honor. He emphasized that nobody can any individuals lives better except the individuals themselves. Further goes on to say that the outcome of everybody’s is their own responsibility. With that gingered speech from the president, a rendition on the life of Pearl .S. Buck was delivered by Dr. Zhu Hua, an associate professor at the Shanghai Ocean University and inspired us with a lot of ideologies from this great woman. Present that night was also the dean of OEC, Prof. Jing Gao. The power of desire (the starting point of all achievement) a topic under the theme was powerfully delivered by Mr. Emmanuel Opoku Marfo a PHD student of the overseas education college as He together with Dr. Zhu answered a few questions from the audience to climax that section of the package. Entertaining the audience that night was a guitar rendition of a Chinese student. 


The second day came with more exciting packages as Miss Wang spoke to us about the power of self-discipline prior to a presentation on the achievements of Pearl .S. Buck delivered by Miss Munkanda Nabulyato  and Miss Promise Kapumha. An interview session had Mr. Joseph, Mr. Abdul, Mr. Muffhakam, Mrs. Akey and Mr.  Siwathep gracing the stage and answering some mind bugging questions on the theme of the conference. It was exciting and informative and I personally wished for an extension of time for that session. Elshadai singing grou


The climax of the conference couldn’t have been more refreshingly excited if  Professor Wei and Mr. Chris Soester hadn’t filled our minds and thoughts with  making our dreams come true and the power of planning respectively and the  questions of students were cordially answered by our speakers. Selasie and  friends soothed us with a Chinese song. To close the conference chairman gave  his remarks and was wowed by the way in which the entire conference was  organized. He thanked the speakers, teachers, audience and finally the David Mingle-led organising committee for their prowess and  exploits and was already looking forward to the 4th edition of the  conference. The Mcs throughout the three day conference were Mr. Moses Wanani  and Miss Tarrol for the first day, Mr Otsile and Miss Beverly for the second  day, and Mr. Chuulu and Miss Ayanda  for  the final day.





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