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Universal Hand-in-Hand Association

I. Introduction ofUniversal Hand-in-Hand Association

In 2011 Overseas Education College set up a Peer Volunteer Students Program and organized the team. The team members were composed of two parts: Chinese volunteer students and international volunteer students. The aim of the program had all the way beento help international students enjoy the splendid Chinese culture and also helpthem have a wonderful memory of study at Jiangsu University.

After 2 years’ development, this team grew upto a scale and then was formally transformed into an association, namely Universal Hand-in-Hand Association. The birth date of this association is May 8, 2013.

The association currently has 76 Chinese volunteer students and 32 international volunteer students, including one President, two Chinese Vice-Presidents and one foreign Vice-President.

Under the direction of the leaders and directors of Overseas Education College,Universal Hand-in-Hand Association will adhere to its original goals and principles and do a even better job for internationalization career of Jiangsu University.

Leaders and Members




II. Rules and Regulations

General Principles

Article 1: Name

This Association’s name is UniversalHand-in-Hand (the former “Peer Volunteer Program”);

Article 2: Nature

This Association is under the direction of Overseas Education College (OEC), aiming to connect all the students who want to dedicate to volunteer work (including both Chinese students and foreign students at JU) and do work hand-in-hand.

Article 3: Slogan

Unity  Friendship  Cooperation  Equality

Article 4: Subordination

This Association is under the direction ofthe Youth League Committee, the Federation of Associations and Overseas Education College.

Routine Management

Article 5: Regular Meeting

Time: The first Wednesday afternoon of every month (except the school vacation/holiday time)

14:00—15:30 (summer school time); 13:30—15:00 (winter school time)

Note: these meeting times do not apply to international volunteer student group.

Association members cannot be absent from the meeting without an excuse. An Association member whois absent from meeting for 3 times will be cancelled membership.

Article 6: Feedback

The Association welcomes any kind of feedback. You can give out your opinion directly to thePresidents, OEC leaders or through QQ group or communal email.

Article 7: Resolutions/Decisions

All the important resolutions or decision are made through open voting; the minority is subordinate to majority during voting.

Association Membership

Article 9: Recruitment

The association recruits new members in every September inside Jiangsu University. We accept recommendation: any student with more than 3 people’s recommendationcan have his/her specific interview.

Article 10: Association Members’ Rights

The right to vote,the right to be elected; eligible to take part in various association activities; right of criticizing or supervising association; right to take partin “Excellent Volunteer Student” or any other appraisement; right tovoluntarily join and resign.

Article 11: Association Members’ Obligations

Abide by Association’s Rules and Regulations; implement every decision made byAssociation; actively accomplish relevant tasks.


Association’s Rulesand Regulations are approved by Association meeting; Association reserves theright of final explanation; these Rules and Regulations come into force fromthe date of approval.



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