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石若水,MICHAEL SHORT(American)2013-02-21

XU laoshi,I think about Jiangsu university and you a lot. I truly adore you and think you are the most beautiful person I met in China. I miss you because you are honest, brilliant and so loveable. I hope to see you again someday. I also think the Chinese courses in Jiangsu University are the best! I enjoyed the beautiful time with you and my classmates!



马特,MATTCHAMBERS (英国)2013-09-12

I came to Jiangsu University as an English teacher in February 2010. Even though I wasnot formally enrolled in a Chinese program, one of the teachers kindly allowed me to attend her classes whenever I had time. I was one of only five students -the perfect size for an informal and yet highly productive classroom environment. The teacher was extremely kind and patient in helping me to catchup with the rest of the class, and with her hard work and the support of my classmates I made quite a strong improvement in just a few months. While I would not necessarily recommend coming to teach English at Jiangsu University, I can certainly recommend coming to study Chinese.

朱洁皿  AMY GEE(美国)2013-12-30




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