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About Overseas Education College

Prof. GAO Jing, Dean of OEC

Entrusted by UNIDO and ESCAP, Jiangsu University (JU) has trained high-ranking management personnel and experts in Agricultural Machinery for over 30 countries since 1980s.

Since 2005, International Education Exchange College (IEEC) of JU started to enroll whole batch of degree learners. In order to further expand overseas students scale, IEEC was renamed as Overseas Education College (OEC) in 2011. OEC mainly engages in enrolling overseas students, administrating overseas student affairs, arranging teaching set-up of Chinese language and culture and other tour study programs. Presently, over 600 international students are studying in JU. Most of them pursue degrees of Bachelor, Master or Doctor in the fields of Engineering, Science, Medicine, Economics, Management and Arts, while others take short-term or long-term Chinese language and Cultural oriented courses. The frontiers of foreign students in JU now assumes global status: from 62 countries of Europe, North America, Latin America , Africa, Asia and Oceania.

In order to ensure quality teaching of English-taught programs for overseas students, JU organizes special oral English training classes for staff members, initiates going-abroad program for those teaching English-taught courses, and regularly promotes constructing excellent English-taught courses, etc.. OEC will further increase the ratio of both degree students and postgraduate students, explore diverse programs, actively attract overseas collaborative teaching programs, and plan to build domestic and overseas practice base of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. In order to enrich long-term and short-term Chinese courses, as well as Chinese culture training programs, OEC offers options of Chinese kung fu, Chinese calligraphy, dough sculpture, etc. What’s more, we elaborately prepare tour study programs: Pearl S. Buck's Literature Appreciation Program; Wu Culture Appreciation Program; Chinese (Zhenjiang) Vinegar Culture Appreciation Program; Probing into Chinese Business Environment Program; Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Appreciation Program and also Summer Sessions of Chinese Learning Program and Acupuncture and Moxibustion Training Program etc.

OEC stresses not only teaching quality of all professional courses, but also overseas students’ comprehension of Chinese culture and improvement of comprehensive strength. OEC organizes diverse fieldwork and colorful after-class activities each year, including Dragon-boat Festival on Jin-shan Lake annually held by Zhenjiang municipal government, Enjoy Tastes of Jiangsu—International Culture Exchange Day annually held by Jiangsu provincial government, Talent Show of Foreign Students studying in China, etc. Our students are also strongly encouraged to participate in all kinds of activities, such as annual Sino-foreign Post-graduate Forum, stage performances, speech contests, sports games and to be guests to major holidays and festivals held by Zhenjiang municipal government.

OEC currently possesses/ is the custodian of 20 specific classrooms with multi-medium exclusively used for overseas students, and audio-visual classroom and multi-functional hall. The newly completed 15 floor Oversea Exchange Building is well equipped with public kitchen, reception room, snack room and laundry, as well as standard “one-stop” logistic services.

On the campus of JU--“East Garden” of Zhenjiang city, overseas students can enjoy professional teaching, first-rate education facilities and also satisfied logistic services, they can also acquire extensive and practical scientific knowledge, and experience the traditional merits of Chinese people’s diligence and modest.



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