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1. Internet Services

Every room in Overseas Exchange Building of Jiangsu University has an internet access, which has been allocated a fixed IP address, DNS, Gateway.  So what you need to do is only to get a computer if you want to go surfing in your new room.

If you want to browse international websites , you need to visit http://ujs.edu.cn/, register and open a new bras @b account.  You may ask your Chinese office boys or girls or volunteers from  OEC Student Affair Office (Room 109 of Overseas Exchange Building) to help.

2. Telephone Services

Each dormitory room has a phone access, you need to buy prepaid phone card to make phone calls.

The convenient way to make phone calls is to buy a mobile phone and register a local number.

(1) Telephone

You could use 96998 IP prepaid phone cards when you dial domestic calls in China. 96998 IP cards are available at any Telecom stores on campus.

(2) Make calls in Zhenjiang: Dial 96998+account number + password + phone number.

(3) Make calls to other cities in China: Dial 96998+account number+ password+ area code+ phone number.

(4) Make international calls by mobile phone: Dial 17910+account number+ password+00 +country number+ your phone number.

(5) Call dorm’s  telephone number from your country: Dial 0086 + 511+ telephone number of your dorm. The number is on your phone.

3. Postal  Service

The mailing address is as follows: Overseas Education College, Jiangsu University,   P.O.Box 321, 301 Xuefu  Road  Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province 212013, P. R. China



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