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Advanced EQ Self Development Workshop Series


Those who care for self and others can sign up the workshop series.  

Time: 6 to 7:40pm on Mondays, starting from 13 Oct., 2014

Venue: Room 108, Overseas Apartment

How to sign up?

Please send message to Mdm Wan 18605113539 to sign up.

Workshop description:

People can learn to have higher EQ through effective management of conflicts and differences, nurturing relationship or friendship and nurturing an authentic healthy sense of self. Some of the topics would be: 

1. Understand emotions and brain development

2. Understand personal attachment styles, and defense mechanism

3 Understand self by understanding one’s Family of Origin, 

4. EQ development by Emotional Self Regulation

5. EQ development by helping other people regulate their emotions

6. Steps of relationship make-up

Feel free to contact Mdm Wan 18605113539 for further inquiries.



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