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Bidnavirus Research Group of the Institute of Life Sciences of JU attends the 15th Biennial Internat


Research Fellow Yao Qin, Dr. Hu Chaoyang and Xing Yali, a Msc. candidate attended the 15th Biennial International Parvovirus Workshop held in Bordeau, France. The 2014 Workshop co-sponsored and co-organized by the CNRS (Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique), Université de Bordeaux, and Journal of General Virology welcomed more than 200 specialists in parvovirology from all over the world.

In their academic reports, Dr. Hu Chaoyang and Xing Yali from Jiangsu University reported the gene expressions of Bombyx mori bidensovirus and its structural protein. Xing Yali was the only master candidate who made her own report to the Workshop and the sole representative of Chinese students. Her report aroused the interest of and left a deep impression on the world-famous specialists in virology at the Workshop. Specialists from Yale University, the German Cancer Research Center and the University of Florida held talks with delegates from Jiangsu University. A couple of research institutions from abroad extended wishes to carry out cooperation in virological research with the Institute of Life Sciences of Jiangsu University.



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