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The Most Exciting 2014 International Cultural Festival-Part Ⅱ


The second phase of the International Culture festival is the culture exhibition. Different countries as mentioned above displayed different historic artifacts, cultural dresses, historic locations and dressed in their cultural attires. A lot of students and Chinese visitors took the opportunity to learn various culture and historic background of various countries. Materials on exhibition included native dresses, fabrics, ornament, shoes, jewelries; the wide display served as a form of non-formal education for students to learn appreciate and respect each countries culture.

The food session was just amazing and thrilling because visitors, Chinese and foreign students took the opportunity to taste each country traditional dish. The tent of various countries was busy with people as everyone was eager to taste and enjoy the traditional food of other countries.The program ended up at the No. 1 conference hall of Conference Center where all students converged to meet the diplomats. Various topic were discussed by the diplomats and students were encourage to study hard and also learn the Chinese culture and Language but never to forget their own.The whole program was a success as everyone could not hide his or her happiness.

Biggest thanks to all those who helped to make this program a success especially the OEC staff, the sponsors, and also the co-sponsors, our special invited guest the media and all those countries who participated in this year culture festival.

This is just the first phase of the International culture festival as more activities are lined –up till November with another big programme titled“J.U most  Talented” organized by the Hand -in -Hand Association will come up in November. It is my hope that you will have fun while pursuing your academics in Jiangsu University.

                                                                               BY ABDUL-NAZIF MAHMUD (VICE PRESIDENT UNIVERSAL HAND-IN-HAND)



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