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Friendship planted, planted hope

Published: 2015-03-13
At 13:00 on March 10th, international students and a group of young enthusiastic Jing Jiang College volunteers met at Jing Lake. I..

International students in Jiangsu University take an active part to Remember Pearl S.Buck

Published: 2015-02-13
On February 10th, International students in Overseas Education College took an active part in the activity to remember Pearl S.Buc..

Register Residence Information

All students must register residence information within 24 hours after you enter into China each time, either at the receptionist of our overseas apartment in Jiangsu University or the ..

Things freshman should know--Residence Permit

It is very important to hold a valid residence permit in China. You should keep your visa expiry date in mind and renew it on time. If you visa has expired when you try to renew it, you will be fined ..

OEC Open Race Challenge Event

For the first time in history an open race competition was organised by the ISSA. The event was successfully organised by the help of ISSA team and OEC staff. The event took place at the ea..

2015 Graduation Ceremony

On the morning of 24th June, students of Overseas Education College have graduated with flying colors and are prepared to spread their wings of success! The president of JSU, Prof. Yuan gave an ..

Khalid Haider Won the First Price in Presentation Session of JSU Yale Class

On June 16th, 2015, Khalid Haider,a CSC student majored in Software Engineering won the first prize in presentation session of Yale Class in Jiangsu University. Khalid Haider always tries ..
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Jinshan Lake Dragon Boat Race

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