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Theme Chinese Language Learning

“Theme Chinese” is the feature of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in Jiangsu University. Despite offering Chinese courses that are suitable, rigorous and of abundant contents, the school also emphasizes Chinese Culture is an important perspective to study how to teach Chinese as a foreign language, in order to create a direct and detailed form that combines in and out-class activities to help foreign students understand China as well as learn Chinese. The school also pays special attention to the Zhenjiang regional culture, brings it into Chinese teaching, and shows the unique regional culture and the essences of profound humanities which belong to Zhenjiang , a cultural tourism city with a long history and romantics atmosphere.

Every “Theme Chinese” teaching is divided into three parts. First, overseas students reorganize the words and sentences in textbooks by focusing on aspecific theme under the guidance of teachers, who will try to expand the cultural view of this theme aiming at improving the students’ practicalability of Chinese as well as their understanding of Chinese culture.Second, the teachers and students will develop the theme activities plan together in which the students act as the role to undertake tasks such as hosting, interpreting and so on. The main point of this part is to encourage students to participate and experience Chinese traditional culture so as to evoke their love for the vivid contents and various forms of Chinese culture.Third, when the theme activity is over,students will be required to change and share their thoughts and experience of this activity by writing diary or articles and holing an exhibition of photos and pictures. This part will consolidate the students’ learning result, improve their Chinese level comprehensively, and inspire their motivation to share Chinese culture as well as the ability to share.

The following “Theme Chinese” activities have been carried out by Jiangsu University right now.

1.Han Mo Qing (Loving for Chinesetraditional writing and painting) -- appreciate and experience the Chinese traditional writing and painting.

2.Jing Qiang Jing Yun (The rhythmand singing of Beijing Opera) -- experience the charm of BeijingOpera.

3.Zhi Jian Shang De Zhong Guo (Chinaon fingertip) -- appreciate and experience the famous pieces of  zithermusic.

4.Jian Chu Zhong Hua Qing (Scissorout the love for China)-- appreciate and experience traditional paper-cut art works.

5.Zhong Guo Da Di De Nv Er (Daughtersof the Chinese land) – seminars on Pearl S. Buck (knowing as Sai Zhen Zhu also)

6.Visiting Confucius and ClimbingMount Tai -- cultural tours to Qufu and Taishan

7.XunZhao Bai Niang Zi (Looking for The White Snake) -- cultural tours to Zhenjiang and Hangzhou



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