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1st International Medical Students’ Conference Organized by IMSA


On Saturday march 29th 2014, the much publicized first international medical students conference with the theme: MEDICINE A NOBLE PROFESSION (a call on how to be a good doctor) was held at the number one auditorium of the Overseas Education College building.

All invited guests were present as anticipated and the staff of OEC headed by the Dean was also represented.

The conference was opened by Evans Aboagye, a member of the interim executive committee. After welcoming the invited guests and participants, he introduced them to the association for which the event was organized. The intention behind the formation of the association, its aims and earmarked activities for the semester was presented to the audience. He ended his speech by introducing to the guest the team that helped in the establishment of IMSA-JU. Members include:


The dean of OEC, Dr. Prof. GaoJing gave her remarks about the conference and expressed her delight and satisfaction with the progress of the association so far.

One of the speakers, Mr. Omari Siaw, a PHD candidate from the school of pharmacy, gave a revealing speech about how other health personnel expect doctors to act as members of the health management team.

The main speaker, Dr. Wei Qian MD PhD, the Vice President of  the Number One Peoples Hospital ,Zhenjiang and the vice dean of the school of clinical medicine Jiangsu university, gave a presentation on the team: medicine; a noble profession (a talk on how to be a good doctor). He centered his presentation on Communication in medicine:An essential capacity and gave the audience an in depth knowledge about how effective communication between doctor to doctor, doctor to clients and doctor to relatives leads to effective and satisfied health care delivery.

The closing remark was given by Dr. Prof Yongchang Chen, professor and chairman of the department of Physiology of Jiangsu University. He expressed his delight on the formation of the association, the first of its kind in the province and possibly in China and assured us of his willingness and readiness to assist the association in any capacity he could.

The vote of thanks was given by Harriet A. Yeboah, a fifth year medical student. Other activities on the day were a song ministration by the ZICF choir led by Andy Providence and choreography performed by selected medical students.

The program was hosted by LUJAIN FARHAT and THEP, first and second year medical students respectively. The program was a great success.

Report by: Evans Aboagye   (Member interim executive committee)



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