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Frequently Asked Questions for School Life


Where can I eat? Where to buy food? Where can I buy Halal food?

Go to canteen, restaurant, or call for food. Muslim canteen is available on campus (canteen #3); there are Muslim restaurants near the university middle gate.

How about the Internet Access and calling home?

UGS or CMCC; wireless or plug. Wifi is available, but you have to get a campus ID and then use it.          

IP card, sim card, skype are for calling home. For long distance phone call, you can go to any of your mobile phone business locations and ask for opening this service.

Where to buy daily necessities of life?

School supermarkets, Auchan supermarket(by taking bus No. 19 or D1), Metro(by walk), Walmart(bus No.3).  

Where can I open a bank account and pay my fees?

Bank of China (recommended because of convenience of changing money), ABC, ICBC, and etc.

Financial Department is on the first floor of the No.2 Administration building. No.2 Administration building is near No.1 Administration building in which the university president works.  

Where is the OEC office?

Ask where the Conference Center is. OEC office is on the second floor of the Conference Center. Conference Center is behind No.2 Administration building and is facing the School of Environment building.

Where is the library and how to use it?

The new library is the huge building facing the other main university gate. Fourth floor has foreign language books. Join the campus tour for new students and know more about the library.

What about the buses? And Taxi?

  • Try to use the green campus bus. It stops wherever needed and costs 1 yuan for each ride.

  • Middle gate: Bus No. 3, 19, 28, 29, K19, K001, K201 and so on go to downtown and railway station. The ticket price is 1 or 2 yuan.

  • West gate: Bus No. 14 goes to downtown.

  • Police station(for applying for residence permit or visa and so on): take Bus No. 19, or D1 at middle gate and go to RT-Mart and then take Bus No. 218 and go to the police station directly.

  • Taxis are available on the roads. Wave your hand and it will stop for you.



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