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2014 summer school Mobile

Teaching language English
Degree Non-degree
Duration 2 weeks
Start date June,2017
Tuition fee RMB1600
Application fee (RMB) 0 (RMB) / 0 (USD)

What are you going to experience in this summer?

The schedules include:

-- Step on the “Chinese Bridge”(experiencing learning basic Chinese);

-- Cultural Trips (experiencing different aspects of Zhenjiang life);

-- Engineering Programs (visiting JU labs;talking to the staff and the students).

Fees for the program:

1.Trainingfee: RMB1600 for two weeks and RMB700 for the extra week.

2.Accommodation: RMB50/bed/day

3.Living expenses: about RMB50/day.

Note: OJS program students and students of the sister universities of JU can apply for the special offer according to the agreement.

Application Deadline, School Start Date and Contact Information:

Applicants should submit the application no later than April 20. Summer school at JU will start from June 9.

Informationin detail:

1.Learning Basic Chinese (40 hrs in the firstweek:June 9-13 ):

It contains the basic language necessities of life like greeting people, making self-introduction, making an appointment, time expression, place and orientation description, calling, dating, shopping,dining, traffic and etc. When you finish this program, you will be able to dosome simple daily communications to meet your fundamental needs for living inChina.

After school activities time you may choose to experience traditional Chinese physical games(Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Kung Fu, Ping-Pong/table tennis and etc.)  .

2.Cultural Trips in English (Selective, arranged during weekend)

1) To appreciate works of Pearl S. Buck (Nobelprize winner)

  i. Lecture and Discussion: Pearl S. Buck &her masterpiece---The Good Earth.

  ii. A visit to Pearl S. Buck’s museum and former residence.

2) To seek for the roots of Wu Culture

  i. Lecture and Discussion: Wu Culture and ItsImpacts

  ii.A visit to Ancient Xi-jinFerry Street and Zhenjiang Museum

3) To appreciate Zhenjiang Vinegar Culture

  i. Lecture and Discussion: Healthy Dieting& Huai-yang Cuisine; Dumpling Making;

  ii.A visit to Heng-shun Group & VinegarMuseum.

4) To appreciate the Art of Chinese Painting

  i. Exhibition of traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Painting and calligraphers’ demonstration on spot.

  ii. A visit to Nan-Shan scenic spot.

5) To experience the city life (the bicycle environment-protection tour: local  markets).

3.Engineering programs in English (Select one, and 3 weeks for each)

Program 1: Nondestructive Detection of Food & Agri-product quality

Courses: Non destructive detection of food &agri-product quality;

Methodologyin design of nondestructive detection equipments

Projects (select one):

(1) Develop a simple and low cost electronic nose system for detectionof food aroma (each group 2 or 3 students);

(2) Develop a simple computer vision device for grading fruit(each group 2 or 3students).

(3) Design a simple electronic tongue system for tasting alcoholicdrink or beverages (each group 2 students).

Program 2: Materials Forming

i. Courses: Solidification Principles; HeatTransfer

ii. Project: Preparation and microstructure analysis of aluminum alloy and aluminum matrix composite

Program 3: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

i. Courses: low voltage apparatus and thebasic electrical control circuit; principles, basic instruction and program design method of PLC

ii. Projects(Select one):

(1) programming of fountain control system based on S7-200 PLC;

(2) programming of the neon advertising screen based on S7-200 PLC;

(3) programming of cross roads traffic lights based on S7-200 PLC.

Program 4: Application and Development of Internet

i. Courses: C#Programming--Building.NET Applications with C#

ii. Project: Designing and programming an album,typing game Or Gobang Games

Program 5: High Performance CFRP Structure & Eco-concrete Technique

i. Courses: CFRP Pre-stressed Bridge; Eco-Concrete Technique

ii. Projects:

(1) Static and dynamic load experiment on CFRP cable stayed bridge (all students);

(2) Design and construction of eco-concrete and its planting (all students);



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