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Teaching language English
Degree Non-degree
Duration 4 months
Start date To be confirmed
Tuition fee To be confirmed
Application fee (RMB) 0 (RMB) / 0 (USD)

With the rapid development of its economy, china is getting more and more influential in the world. People all over the world are casting their eyes on this great old nation and their interest to learn more about china’s past and present is growing. They want to find out what has been driving this nation to develop at such a great speed. This summer program is designed to help the world to learn more about china.

I. Objectives

Spotlight the international implications of Chinese experiences against the background of globalization;

Provide young scholars of the world engaged in China studies an opportunity to understand China;

Share academic wisdom with outstanding researchers and be enlightened by criticisms from the younger generation;

Advance international studies of China and promote their intellectual accumulation.

II. Schedule(with Chinese language study)

First month

Lecture series 1:Places in china /Chinese nationalities

Lecture series 2:Chinese civilization and art I/II

Second month

Lecture series 3. Chinese civilization and art III/IV

Lecture series 4. Chinese religion and ideology I/II

Third month

Lecture series 5. China's Politics and China economics I/II

Lecture series 6. Education in China I/II

Fourth month

Lecture series 7. scenic spots and historical sites in china I/II

Lecture series 8. Chinese Festivals And Customs I/II

III. Extra-Curricular Activities

1. Visits (to kindergarten, middle school, family, hospital, market place, etc.)

2. Tours and field trips to places of historical and cultural/scenic attractions around Zhenjiang;

3. Recreational and sports activities with Chinese students, and people in the communities;

4. Internships and social work.

IV. Costs

Quotations are made in accordance with the type of program, varieties of activities and

number of people in a group as scheduled.



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